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Understanding Muslim Prayer Beads

· Muslim Prayer Beads

Islam is not the only religion that uses prayer beads, other cultures and religion also attach importance to the beads. Many times, prayer beads were used in prayer and in mediation to assist in keeping the fingers of the user busy more so when stressed. The names given to prayer beads tend to differ from one religion to another, for instance, in Islamic religion, they are referred to as subha which means to glorify God. During the time of Prophet Muhammad, date pits were mainly used as prayer beads.

Muslim prayer beads are most often made of wood, glass, gemstone, plastic, and many more. On the other hand, the prayer beads are supported by a chord, which is mostly cotton, nylon or silk. Depending on a person`s choice, one can pick the colors and styles of their choice. When searching for beads, you will find some that are pocket-friendly, while others are relatively more expensive. To ensure that you are getting the right prayer bead, you need to know your budget and choose the beads you can afford.

Regardless of the design of the bead, all prayer beads are made of 99 beads. The beads represent 99names of Allah, whereby a worshipper needs to recite them when praying. A section of Muslims tend to use prayer beads that have 33 beads only, however, when using them, they need to count the beads three times. One cannot know how to use a prayer bead without enrolling to Islamic region classes. When you buy a Muslim prayer bead, you will find that color of the beads is most often uniform throughout a single strand but can vary widely among sets.

Many times, prayer beads is used to assist Muslims in counting recitations and concentrate during personal prayers. If you want to pray using a prayer beads, you will have to touch one bead at a time while reciting words of dhikr, which refers to remembrance of Allah. The essence of the recitations is to praise and glorify the Supreme Being, Allah. The recitations also refer to names used in describing Allah. The following are the most common phrases used during recitations, these include Subhannallah, which means Glory to Allah, Alhamdilillah which means Praise be to Allah, and Allahu Akbar, which means Allah is Great. All these phrases must be repeated 33times.

Here are the steps to follow when you want to buy prayer beads. The beads can be found at shopping malls, stand-alone kiosks. Custom prayer beads are also available from crafty shops. Since prayer beads come in different shapes and designs, reading the content of this post will assist you in getting the beast beads. Know more about bandhani silk duppatta or shawls.

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